Global Consulting Firm
Strengthening the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, such as factory /
production site improvement support, organization / human resources development, business strategy, etc.
We provide comprehensive and practical management / business consulting services to enhance superiority.
With the adherence of consulting quality, we aim to solve essential problems, such as supporting detailed consultations in conversations with Thai employees and providing support according to the actual handling of Thai forms. We will not end with superficial reforms, but will always propose problem-solving and be aware of retention.
Factory productivity improvement
We will reform production strategies, production management, management systems, etc., and reform the profitability of manufacturing bases.
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Personnel system
We will optimize business and human resources by reviewing and restructuring in grading system, evaluation system and remuneration system.
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Organization / team development
We will carry out activities to improve employee motivation and workplace productivity, and transform into a voluntary organization.
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We carry out job level-based courses such as manager / leader training and practical training by theme such as inventory control and quality improvement.
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Integrated support of Japanese consultants and Thai consultants
Adherence to consulting quality
Think together and always be aware of retention
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