Practical training for each position and role
JMAC offers a wide range of training programs for executives, middle managers, staff, and operators, from the management field to the skills required at site. In the training program, issues faced by each type of industry and target audience will be shared, and we will design and customize it based on customer actual needs.
Strengths of JMAC's human resources development and job level-based training
  1. 1 We will change the training content of many basic training contents for the manufacturing industry according to the target person and the situation.
  2. 2 Deliverable by customized program for your business.
  3. 3 Experience in practice rather than unilaterally communicating work issues.
    It's not lecturing, so it's easy to understand and there is no waste.
On-site abilities strengthening series
Course name Schedule / Period Overview
Basics of logical thinking
Thai instructor / Thai language
  • In order to solve problems in daily work, it is indispensable to have a base that allows you to think in a logical manner. First, input knowledge that can be utilized across all themes.
  • Learn how to think, action and express.
Basics of quality improvement
Thai instructor / Thai language
  • From the definition of product quality, we will establish three stages: quality control by outflow prevention, built-in quality, and prevention.
  • Explain the QC story and QC 7 tools in an easy-to-understand manner from the basics.
  • Learn from case study, this will help improve the image of the actual case on-site.
Basic method of on-site improvement centered on equipment
Thai instructor / Thai language
  • With the goal of maximizing the overall efficiency of equipment, we will give an overview of improvement activities and TPM activities that the participation of all members of maintenance department, equipments use department, and equipment planning department.
  • Learn the techniques and tools commonly used for each pillar of TPM activities.
Production control basics
Thai instructor / Thai language
  • As the first step in production activities, let them understand the importance and role of production control.
  • In the classification of production control system or in each system, learn how to make a highly efficient production plan by rationally using production resources.
  • Inventory is useless. As part of your production control work, you will learn how to proceed with inventory reduction.
Introduction to strategic personnel
Thai instructor / Thai language
  • The personnel administration department is required to carry out daily procedural work and build a foundation for the future of the company. In this course, you will learn what to do in terms of both short-term business execution and future personnel strategy.
Fundamentals of problem solving (Problem Solving)
Thai instructor / in Thai language
1 to 2 days
  • This is an advanced version course of logical thinking. Formulate a story for solving the problem while recognizing, classifying, and structuring it (analysis and factors breakdown). In the course, you will first learn that there are several types of "problems", then analyze the "problem" have set and break it down into several factors.
  • Discover the key factors to the solution and create a solution story.
Business presentation (report・reporting)
Thai instructor / in Thai language
1 day
  • At the same time as learning frameworks such as SDS and PREP, will be trained to be able prepare structurally and solutions to problems as stories.
  • Actually create short materials and learn the skills to explain concisely and easily for others to understand.
PDCA basics (Daily management)
Thai instructor / in Thai language
1 to a few days
  • The course will focus on two areas: “Daily PDCA Cycle” and “Time Management”. Since purposes and goals determine plans, so we will start from the question, “What exactly is a good business plan?'' While learning how to prioritize then apply this into action level at the workplace.
  • It is also possible to progress the course through trial and error to gain practical experience.
Compliance workshop (Including power harassment, sexual harassment)
Thai instructor / in Thai language
0.5 to 1 day
  • Educate employees, including managers, so that they do not become a hindrance to future company growth.
  • Mainly learn the following two perspectives and contents.
  • ①Comply with related laws and regulations (Thorough compliance with laws, internal rules/regulations, and company ethics)
  • ②Values required as a businessman and a member of society, Act with integrity based on ethical standards.
Main achievements in custom-made training
Focus on content and make the class lead to solving problems in the workplace.
Customer Theme
Japanese company Auto Parts Manufacturing Personnel system evaluator training
Auto Parts Manufacturing Strategic thinking training / competency development training
Precision equipment manufacturing Statistical management method / practical training
Electrical equipment manufacturing Responsibilities and human skills training for site management supervisors
Chemical manufacturing Equipment maintenance training
Leisure goods manufacturing The training of Japanese language for Thais that use in workplace
Thai company Government-affiliated public corporation 5S training / site improvement training
Material manufacturing Concurrent engineering training
Food / Beverage Self maintenance training
Lecture + practical training to improve on-site issues together
In the P course, using the actual production site and production line as teaching materials, JMAC consultants will extract problems together while guiding your staff, and solve them together. The instruction and support of JMAC consultants is more than just teaching IE knowledge. Based on the knowledge gained from abundant experience and consulting knowledge, we will discover useful teaching materials and improvement points by using the actual customer's line as teaching materials, and lead your staff to successful experiences.
Problems / worries that the site has

Want to improve the production site, but the activity does not proceed according to theory.

It ends with an activity that is only on the spot, and it does not continue to lead to the next.

Can’t develop human resources who has improvement know-how.

Example of standard training program
The training consists of classroom lectures (white part) and practical training (yellow part) as a set.
  • Day 1
    • Opening ceremony
    • Outline lecture for trainee
  • Day 2
    • Site tour, temporary setting of problems
    • Job system interview, target confirmation
  • Day 3
    • Lecture on current situation's loss analysis method (1)
    ※ Analysis of workplace loss
  • Day 4
    • Current situation's loss analysis practical training (1)
    • Lecture on current situation's loss analysis method (2)
    ※ Work sharing loss analysis
  • Day 5
    • Current situation's loss analysis practical training (2)
    • Summary of problem quantification
  • Day 6
    • Interim report for related management members
  • Day 7
    • Current situation's loss analysis
  • Day 8
    • Current situation's loss analysis
    • Data summary, problem summary
  • Day 9
    • Problem summary
    • Examination of improvement idea
  • Day 10
    • Examination of improvement idea
    • Implementation of some improvement ideas, effect expectation
  • Day 11
    • Report summary
    • Training result report for related management members
History of production engineer training course (started in May 1947)
Mr. Shigeo Shingo (*) also became a lecturer from the third time onwards.
※Shigeo Shingo; Joined the Japan Management Association in 1945 (Showa 20) after the end of the war, and introduced the Single Minute Exchange of Die method for the first time in consulting at Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1988, the Shingo Prize was established by the United States to honor the achievements.
※This video description is in Japanese only.
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