Improving factory productivity
Cost reduction in pursuit of lowest ultimate cost

There are various targets for cost reduction. Therefore, we will pursue the lowest ultimate cost by promoting an appropriate cost reduction program according to the aim of cost reduction and the target cost.

In the case of labor costs, we aim to realize the lowest ultimate labor costs by making full use of programs such as labor productivity improvement, equipment productivity improvement, and production design based on IE (Industrial Engineering) at the factory.

In the case of externally purchased items such as raw materials and indirect materials, we aim to realize the lowest ultimate cost of externally purchased products by applying the program from both the unit price and the usage amount, such as the procurement cost reduction program from the viewpoint of unit price reduction and the yield improvement program from the viewpoint of usage amount reduction.

Also, regarding equipment procurement and construction procurement, we will apply a program that combines procurement cost reduction and execution budget management level up.

In the case of logistics costs, we will apply a program to reconstruct the logistics process, such as implementing 3PL and reviewing logistics bases, in addition to reducing logistics costs such as transportation and delivery costs and cargo handling costs.

For factory indirect labor costs and sales costs, we aim to achieve lowest ultimate costs by applying programs that streamline operation
Quality Control (QC)
to maintain and enhance competitiveness
  • Develop a chain of information
    Match the definitions of quality evaluation items within the company and improve the information system and information grasping cycle so that correct quality information can be systematically obtained.
  • Develop a chain of activities
    Find and resolve problems related to the flow of problem handling. In particular, make concrete measures with other departments work.
  • Change the awareness / recognition of the person who operates
    Provide necessary and practical education to the appropriate layer while aligning with the in-house education and training system.
As a basic, it is necessary to solve each problem one by one concretely by QC story, and correctly problem-solving activities by taking a closer look at Genba (the actual place) and Genbutsu (the actual thing) and Genjitsu (the actual situation) and based on the principle is indispensable.
JMAC grasps the current awareness/recognition of the company, creates educational content that incorporates cases suitable for the company, and implements education. In addition, by thinking together about problem one by one, will instill problem-solving methodologies to on-site people.
Improvement activities that are directly linked to management results (financial results)
TP management (Total Productivity Management) is a business management method that has been developed mainly by the Japan Management Association since around 1983. Initially, Japanese company weaknesses were "people management is skillful, but work management is weak." so the aim was to provide appropriate management methods and way of thinking.
Currently, most of the senior executives are also play roll of managers, and individual optimization has progressed. The adaptation of this method is shifting to the aim of raising the perspective and promoting overall optimization from a management perspective.
  • Total
    Strategically invest all the management resources of the company and align the vectors of all activities from individual optimization to overall optimization.
  • Productivity
    Pursue "new productivity" that meets the requirements of the real era, and aim to bring product competitiveness that achieves customer satisfaction to a topnotch level.
  • Management
    Deploy strategic goal setting, integrate top-down and bottom-up, build a vibrant execution system (PDCA), and aim to establish creative management that makes the best use of the characteristics of each company.
5S is a basic profitable activity
5S brings many direct effects that lead to profitability expansion such as raising work efficiency, shortening lead time and on-time delivery, quality improvement, breakdown eradication, and cost reduction. Benefits of continuing activities include cultivating independence in each person and teamwork and also leadership. By thoroughly promoting 5S, each person will be able to systematically acquire an "attitude and mindset for improvement."
  • Seiri (Sorting)
    • Definition of unwanted objects
    • Sweep away unwanted objects
    Separate what you need and what you don't need, and eliminate what you don't need then clarify things that you keep.
  • Seiton (Organizing)
    • Functional storage
    • Eliminate worthless searching time
    Decide on the correct placement so that you have what you need, when you need it, and in the needed amount.
  • Seisou (Cleaning)
    • Find defects while cleaning
    Eliminate dust, dirt, foreign matter, etc. (In the case of the manufacturing department, while cleaning, find and restore / improve machine defects)
  • Seiketsu (Sanitizing)
    • Devise how not to be disarranged or dirty
    Maintain it in the sorted, organized, and clean. In addition, makes it easier to keep things sorted, organized and clean.
  • Shitsuke
    • Make it to be habituated thoroughly.
    • Responsibility of each person
    Make it a habit to keep what you have decided in 4S.
New factory construction
JMAC complements and supports resources and know-how for redesigning production systems and promoting project management.

A new factory project is a great opportunity to reform the way of manufacturing itself.

In order to avoid mere reconstruction, JMAC believes that a consistent reform concept which means to draw up the desired goal at the early stages of consideration is important.

Starting from the production system reform concept、how can we achieve our goal by utilizing advanced technology for buildings/ facility and information systems.

As well as strengthening factory management such as daily improvement control and organization/human resources management which the overall design is the key to success.

New factory construction program
Customer needs JMAC Value Provided (Program)
Current needs Want to achieve SDGs/energy saving goals Sustainability Transformation x New factory design support
Want to add smart factory elements Smart factory design support by using image cells
Want to move forward with automation Concept-design-implementation automation support
Want to take another look at production base and production strategy Formulate production strategy
Needs for universal production system reform Want to fundamentally review production system Ideal QCDF design approach
Want to incorporate innovative elements Open innovation promotion support
Want to improve productivity by extending existing lines Loss visualization・reduction plan formulation by using IE as a starting point
Want to be evaluated for design content New factory design assessment service
Project needs specific to new factories Want to choose the optimum vendor Support services for creating and selecting RFPs by vendor
Want to select a general contractor through competitive bidding Competitive bidding service in collaboration with design offices
Want someone to tell should start from where Project management administrative office support service
Insufficient promotional resources Functional agency support service (vendor control, etc.)
Main consulting experience in factory construction・factory relocation
Some of our major achievements in Japan and Thailand in recent years.
Field Theme Client
New factory construction Realization of a new integrated manufacturing plant that integrates development, manufacturing, and logistics Chemical
New factory construction Smart factory concept planning Transport equipment
Factory relocation Relocation due to aging(New production system with labor saving target of 50%) Food
Factory consolidation Construction of next-generation factories to realize medium- to long-term production strategies Machine tools
Renewal of factory equipment:  abolish or merge Manufacturing base reform: Renewal and relocation of new factory equipment Food・agriculture
New factory construction: consolidation Consolidation of manufacturing bases and construction of new factories to ensure survival Mechanical equipment
Consultation/inquiry for new factory construction
Visit the site to investigate the actual situation of the customer's problem.
We will identify management problems and individual issues at the site according to business environment, and clarify the direction of strengthening the competitiveness of manufacturing bases.
For such issues…

How much room is there for cost reduction?

What is the productivity level of own factory compared to other companies?

Do you feel that there are more equipment failures and defects than other companies?

Don't know what to do for the often changes of production plans and having many inventories?

Do you feel that the vitality of employees is not accompanied?

Is the executive working well?

    • Information gathering in a short period of time (1 to 2 days of local visit)
    • Clarified room for cost reduction, room for productivity improvement, and improvement direction
    • Planning and proposing how to proceed the improvement
  • ▲Survey results / diagnostic sample
In a short period of time, we will "visualize the actual situation" + "suggest how to proceed the improvement".
Consultation / inquiry for productivity improvement diagnosis
Major consulting achievements in improving factory productivity
Field Theme overview Client
Production system
Factory profit innovation
Productivity improvement
Quality improvement
Procurement / Purchasing
Support for policy management system construction and improvement implementation "Optical product manufacturing (Japanese company)"
Headquarters / Factory Cost reduction Non-ferrous metal (Japanese company)
Support for improving production quality White goods manufacturing (Japanese company)
Equipment maintenance system construction and implementation support Siam Cement Group (Thai company)
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