The thing we value
The thing we value
Think together and aiming
for penetration,
firmly establishment,
and localization
Aiming to solve essential issues, we will not end with superficial reforms, but will always focus to make it to be retained.
Integrated support of
Japanese consultants and Thai consultants
Starting from the worries and issues of Thai people on the job site, we will give advice and use information from documents in Thai, etc., to provide support that is consistent with the actual situation on site.
Adherence to consulting quality
We will promote reforms and innovations based on the same standards as the consulting quality that is strictly required in Japan.
Partnership to enhance IQH
Supporter for our IQH
To be rooted in Thai society
The TMA-JMAC Institute, which was established in 1997 through an alliance with TMA (Thai Management Association), was reborn in 2008 as JMAC THAILAND CO., LTD., A local subsidiary of JMA Consultants Co., Ltd.
Since then, we have been supporting the innovation of Japanese companies, Thai / local companies, and Japanese / local companies in ASEAN regions / countries.
We have invited Mr. Karin, the chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Prasert, the president of Plantheon Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the TCC Group, to the advisory board, and have a strategic partnership with TMA and the Sasin School of Management, Management Consulting Center.
※TMA : A membership-based management promotion organization consisting of top Thai companies and major Japanese companies (more than 550 members). JMAC is the first TMA alliance partner.
※TCC Group : A leading conglomerate with the largest real estate company in Thailand and Thai Beverage.
※Sasin School of Management : Thailand's No. 1 Graduate School of Management, which is annexed to Chulalongkorn University.
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