Operation management and making efficient
There is something to be done before the IT systemization in the business reform of the management indirect department.
As a point of improving the productivity of the administration department, JMAC will review the work (operation) according to the characteristics, and reform the way of working and the work environment such as re-setting the Ground Rules such as meetings, document making, and e-mail. By realizing this together, we will support the creation of lean indirect departments.
The things that we can do to create
"lean and high quality’s work"
  • Visualization of management
    By setting department KPIs, setting operation management KPIs, and setting management cycles, that are the basis of cockpit management, it is possible to manage the reform status.
  • Headquarters / office reform BPR: Business Process Re-engineering A radical review of business processes
    JMAC will classifies the characteristics of work and applies reform perspectives suitable for each characteristic to realize high-quality work without problems.
  • Making BPO / shared service / office center efficient and strengthen
    For office factories that office center-like organization, we can achieve reforms same as the reformation of the head office / office. At the same time, we support the realization of a center that can propose reforms to customers who have improvement consulting plans.
  • Operation standardization and manual preparation
    It is important to standardize and keep it as a manual so that the way of working as a result of reforms can be continued without turning back. JMAC supports the formulation of manuals in an appropriate format according to the characteristics of the operation.
Major consulting achievements in operation management and making it efficient.
Field Theme overview Client
Operation management and making it efficient
Support BPR for headquarters indirect Precision manufacturing's leading company
Working support for operation improvement of administration indirect department Chemical manufacturer's leading company
GM class department operation improvement discussion support Machine maker
Visualization of works・workload survey to improve productivities Global logistics, auto parts manufacturing
Conduct on-site visits and survey the actual situation to investigate the problems faced by customers.
In "Diagnosis," we gather quantitative and qualitative information through interviews with all parties involved and key personnel, as well as document analysis, then provide a review report regarding company's issues and direction. Through objective advice, we create a groundwork for sharing internal problem recognition, prioritizing, and building consensus for project promotion.
For such issues ...

Want to know the appropriate number of people(Maybe too many…)

Company history is long, but only know one own way.

There are no candidates for a successor managerial position. (can't visualize the works)

Want to consider appropriate compensation to employees who perform high performance.

Is replenishment recruitment really necessary? Isn't it possible to carry out work by multitasking?...

▲Time Chart Analysis
▲Taking work inventory ・Work analysis
▲Operations analysis
▲Prediction of improvement result
In a short period of time, we will "visualize the actual work situation" and "propose ways to proceed with improvements."
Consultation / inquiry for works diagnosis of indirect departments
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