JMA CONSULTANTS (THAILAND) は、成長への本質的な課題解決、競争優位を築くための持続的な仕組みづくり、組織風土醸成、実行習慣化のコンサルティングを支援します。

Message from the President
Message from the President

JMAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. supports the sustainable growth of companies in Thailand by solving essential problems, creating a sustainable system to build a competitive advantage, fostering a corporate culture, and making it to be an execution habit.

JMAC's activities in Thailand began in 1992 with the start of support for improving the productivity of Thai companies. After that, through an alliance with TMA (Thai Management Association), JMAC Thailand was established as a local subsidiary in 2008. From 2008 to the end of 2019, we have already supported more than 500 projects from 200 clients.

We are supporting the reform of the actual situation rather than the superficial one, and the consulting technology for that purpose cannot be realized only by copying and executing the Japanese technology. Therefore, we continue to adherence on support based on the differences in values between Japan and Thailand.

Currently, we are promoting projects mainly in Thailand, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and we have received more than 90% of repeat customers.

We will continue to contribute to the development and growth of industry in Thailand and the ASEAN region.
JMA Consultants (Thailand)
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  • Hiroaki Katsuta
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