JMA CONSULTANTS (THAILAND)は、あるべき姿を実現するため人事制度再構築をコンサルティングします。

Personnel system reform
Personnel system reform to strengthen management and business
The personnel system is a mechanism that forms the basis for realizing the ideal form of human resources management, and has an important function in raising employee awareness, developing abilities, and linking them to results. It is set based on the strategy that determines the way of management or business, in addition to defining the roles of individual employees embodied within the framework of the grade system, job title system, and personnel evaluation system, they will also be reflected in systems such as remuneration and competency development. It is necessary to make the sequence of flows consistent and systematized.
Basic framework of personnel system
Since it is not a package service, we will flexibly support the scope of reconstruction support according to the customer's request. The outline will be designed so that the current base frame work is well related and organized as a whole. Then proceed to detailed design, trial, system application, and operation management.
  • Grade / position system System to clarify roles and career growth stages
    1. 1Employee classification
    2. 2Employee ranking
    3. 3Position structure
  • Wage system A remunerate system fairly for their work
    1. 1Salary (basic salary / allowance)
    2. 2Bonus
    3. 3Severance pay
  • Evaluation system An evaluation system properly for their work
    1. 1Performance evaluation
    2. 2Competency evaluation
    3. 3 Professional attitude evaluation
      ※Depends on the personnel evaluation system
  • Human resources development system Mechanism to promote individual growth
    1. 1Education / training system
    2. 2OJT (In-house Education)
    3. 3CDP (Career Development)
Major consulting achievements in personnel system reform
Field Theme overview Client
Building of personnel system,
personnel composition,
evaluation system,
salary system,
education system
Revision of personnel evaluation system and salary table Construction / General contractor (Japanese company)
Draw up skill roadmap Food Production (Japanese company)
Human Resources Assessment, Competency Development / Setting Auto Parts Manufacturing (Japanese company)
Career design・Career path systemization Electrical precision instrument
Evaluation system training for managers Transportation equipment manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturing
Workshop・seminars toward making a personnel system to be settled Machine parts manufacturing
Visit the site to investigate the actual situation of the customer's problem.
In "Personnel System Diagnosis", we collect quantitative and qualitative information through interviews with all parties and key persons and analysis of materials, and report on issues and directions for the company. With objective advice, we will lay the groundwork for sharing problem awareness within the company, prioritizing, and consensus building by project promotion.
For such issues ...

How many should there be medium-term fixed costs and manpower in the face of population aging and rising labor costs?

Mismatch between external labor market wages and your company pay rate?

The next generation of managers is not growing ...

The job scope and promotion criteria are ambiguous ...

Human resources development is incomplete and can't see the attitude of training ...

Staffs don't talk with his real intention, not becoming an autonomous organization.

    • Information gathering in a short period of time (including local visit)
    • Re-check aiming for a state in which each system is closely linked to make the whole.
    • Planning and proposing how to proceed with the review
  • ▲ Survey results / diagnostic sample
In a short period of time, we will "visualize the actual situation" + "suggest how to proceed the improvement".
Consultation / inquiry for personnel system building
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