TPM(Total Productive Maintenance)は、生産活動でのロスをなくすマネジメント手法です。

TPM・ Equipment maintenance
TPM eliminates loss = pursues production system efficiency to the ultimate level.
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a management method aims to create a structure that allows manufacturing companies to sustainably secure profits (building a profitable corporate structure), and to create a system and mechanism to continuously implement human resource development, work and equipment improvement.
What is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)?
  1. 1Aim to create a corporate structure that pursues the ultimate in efficiency of production systems (overall efficiency).
  2. 2"Zero accidents, zero defects, zero failures", etc. for the entire life cycle of the production system.
  3. 3Build a mechanism to prevent all losses by using actual site and actual things.
  4. 4Starting from the production department then cooperate with each department such as research and development department, sales department, administration department, etc. to work together.
  5. 5Everyone from the top to frontline employees participates.
  6. 6Achieve zero loss with consistent small group activities.
Loss structure in production activities
There are many factors that hinder the maximization of output in the "production system", and this is the so-called "loss". It is necessary to eliminate the loss that has occurred, and TPM not only eliminates the loss, but also creates a mechanism to prevent any loss. This mechanism is to be created by using actual site (Genba), actual things (Genbutsu). For example, realization of equipment that does not break down, equipment that does not cause defects, and equipment that does not cause disasters.
What is smart maintenance?
JMAC collaborates with Fujitsu Engineering Technologies Co., Ltd. to perform predictive maintenance using IT software. We aim to improve equipment utilization rate and reduce maintenance repair costs by judgment / analysis of failure based on past data collection and current status.
IT software tools
"Example of predictive maintenance of plant equipment"
  • Plant motor
    • Use a non-contact sonic sensor to predict by frequency.
    • Use change in motor current consumption to predict.
    • Prediction from vibration. Vibration acceleration sensor to detect vibration to the bearing.
  • Data conversion of equipment operation status
Eliminate sudden failures by such as failure prevention, early detection, and restoration, and prevent equipment stop in operating hours.
Major consulting achievements in TPM equipment maintenance
Field Theme overview Client
Production system
Factory profit innovation
Productivity improvement
Quality improvement
Procurement / Purchasing
Support for policy management system construction and improvement implementation Optical product manufacturing (Japanese company)
Headquarters / Factory Cost reduction Non-ferrous metal (Japanese company)
Support for improving production quality White goods manufacturing (Japanese company)
Equipment maintenance system construction and implementation support Siam Cement Group (Thai company)
Visualization of the actual on-site situation from the diagnosis results
In "TPM diagnosis" process, problems that hinder productivity improvement are clarified from "on-site activity status", "index setting and control status", "equipment status", etc., and the direction of improvement is shown.
For such issues…

Evaluate current control methods (KPI settings, data collection, activity plans, etc.) and compare with standard TPM methods. Clarify the problems that can be a loss in the production system.

2S (sorting Seiri / organizing Seiton) status

Grasp the condition of equipment and the implementation status of preventive maintenance.

Visualize the status of efficiency improvement KPIs.

    • Information gathering in a short period of time (including local visit)
    • Comparison of current status with standard TPM. Clarify problems that hinder productivity and efficiency.
    • Planning and proposing the direction of effective TPM implementation.
  • ▲ Sample of report
In a short period of time, we will "visualize the actual situation" + "suggest how to proceed the improvement".
Consultation / inquiry for TPM
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