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IoT Seminar for Shop Floor Innovation

13-14 JUN,18

Japan Management Association Consultant (JMAC) has arranged “IoT for Shop floor innovation” on 13th and 14th June 2018 for Thai and Japanese, respectively. With 70 audiences from 34 organizations in Thai seminar and 71 audiences from 57 organizations in Japanese seminar, the audiences have learnt and understood introduction of IoT and examples of how to apply to shop floor. Also, IoT 7 tool which invented by JMAC Tokyo has been introduced to Thailand in this seminar. JMAC hope that this seminar

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[Free seminar] Seminar IoT for Shop floor innovation

13 JUN, 2018

IoT  Seminar -IoT for Shop floor innovation- ―What we can do with using IoT 7 tools. Examples of utilizing IoT in JAPAN― Hold by:JMA Consultants (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   The consultant from JMAC, is an expert of KAIZEN and Innovation in manufacturing area,  Will present some examples “How we can apply IoT to our manufacturing GEMBA and what kind of KAIZEN would be done.”   【Date】       »『For Thai』    13/JUN/2018(WED)13:15-16:15(Registration12:45-13:15) »『For

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GENBA Management Conference & Award in 2018

26 JUN'2018

According to success from GENBA Management Conference & Award in 2017, in 2018 Japan Management Association (JMA) will arrange 3rd GENBA Management Conference & Award in 26th June 2018 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Theme of the conference will be about presenting

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Current situation and future direction of production based in Thailand. From JMAC consultant viewpoint

20 NOV, 2017

Current situation and future direction of production based in Thailand. From JMAC consultant viewpoint ~ What is countermeasure for obstacles ~ Chapter 1: The difficulties in production base expansion to Asia In this article, I will mention Thailand as an example for production base expansion in Asia.

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Free Assessment

Self Assessment
Our basic assessment tools are available on line. You can input and get an instant assessment result. It is fast and easy to understand your improvement gap.

Gemba Assessment
Check your current workplace performance under QCA and 5S perspective. [Available Now!]

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5S Assessment
Check fundamental of your workshop and parts storage with 5S + Safety checklist.

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SCM Assessment
Check performance of your supply chain for factory and distribution functions with checklist.

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JMAC’s career path structure is designed to ensure achievement and flexibility to accommodate determination of each consultant. It generally comprises of 4 growing steps; Assistant Consultant, Consultant, Chief Consultant, and Senior Consultant. As a new entry, you would typically join JMAC as an

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For all clients:
Contact: Ms.Suriyawadee V.
Email: jmac@jmac.co.th
Tel: +66 (0) 2643 9428-9

For Japanese client:
Contact: Mr.Hiroaki Katsuta
Email: hiroaki_katsuta@jmac.co.jp