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(Seminar in Japanese language)人事制度革新セミナー

SEP 21st, 2016

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2016 現地化推進でローカル人材への期待が転換した今こそ考えたい 「日系」らしさを活かした人材マネジメントとは (more…)

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(Seminar in Japanese language) 調達革新セミナー

JUNE 17th, 2016

「調達コスト削減 成功のポイントとは」 JUNE 17th, 2016 このたび、弊社では、「ポスト『生産機能オンリー』時代 間接機能が価値発揮する拠点への革新」と題し、連続シリーズでのセミナーを開催いたします。今回は、調達購買機能にスポットを当てます。 経済活動がグローバル化し、グローバル競争の中でコスト競争力の強化がますます求められています。 このような環境下において、コストの大きな比率を占める材料費コストダウン=調達コストダウンは避けられません。そこで、今回はどのように調達コスト削減を計画的に実行していけばよいのか、そのポイントについてご紹介いたします。 Application

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Quality Improvement Training

Feb-Apr 2015

Logical thinking and problem solving skill up Japanese Consultant : Mr. Kazunobu Tokuda, and Thai Consultant : Mr. Palat Kritteesakul, provided class room training with practical workshop and brought actual quality problems for analysis through 3 months with quantitative data and apply QC story concept

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New JMAC-Thailand website

BANGKOK July 01, 2013

Our website provides information on JMAC consultation and related activities in Thailand.

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Free Assessment

Self Assessment
Our basic assessment tools are available on line. You can input and get an instant assessment result. It is fast and easy to understand your improvement gap.

Gemba Assessment
Check your current workplace performance under QCA and 5S perspective. [Available Now!]

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5S Assessment
Check fundamental of your workshop and parts storage with 5S + Safety checklist.

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SCM Assessment
Check performance of your supply chain for factory and distribution functions with checklist.

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JMAC’s career path structure is designed to ensure achievement and flexibility to accommodate determination of each consultant. It generally comprises of 4 growing steps; Assistant Consultant, Consultant, Chief Consultant, and Senior Consultant. As a new entry, you would typically join JMAC as an

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I want to contact JMAC

For all clients:
Contact: Ms.Suriyawadee V.
Email: jmac@jmac.co.th
Tel: +66 (0) 2643 9428-9

For Japanese client:
Contact: Mr.Hiroaki Katsuta
Email: hiroaki_katsuta@jmac.co.jp