Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This Website is operated by JMA Consultants (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “JMAC”).

When accessing the sites and pages operated by JMAC (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”), please read the conditions of use below

In using this Site, it is assumed that you consent to the conditions of use below.

1.  Copy Rights and Other Rights

Intellectual property rights, including copyrights related to information, text and images, etc. appearing on this Site shall be, in principle, belong to JMAC. (Trademarks appearing on this Site shall belong to the respective trademark holders.) Copying, altering, uploading, sending, distributing or publishing all or a part of the contents of this Site without the JMAC’s permission is prohibited. However, this clause does not apply where a person accessing this Site downloads information on this Site to one computer without alteration and without changing the indication of the copyrights on this Site, and uses the download for non-commercial purposes or prints out one and no more than one copy of the information.

2.  Link To This Page

Before setting a link to this Site, please obtain the written approval of JMAC.JMAC may reject a link to a Website that contradicts the purpose of this Site or a link that is set up in a manner that JMAC disapproves of JMAC is not liable for any loss incurred by visiting a site that is linked to from this Site but not operated by JMAC.


Users of this Site shall take full responsibility for the use of this Site. JMAC shall not be liable for any loss incurred by users due to the use of this site.
JMAC may change the information appearing on this Site, or suspend or discontinue operation of this Site without notice. JMAC shall not be liable for any loss incurred by users due to this change, suspension or discontinuation. JMAC pays attention to the information appearing on this Site and the operation of this Site. However, JMAC shall not make any guarantee regarding the accuracy or usability of the information on this site, or the virus-free status of this Site.

4.Applicable Law and Competent Court

The use of this Site and these conditions of use shall be construed and applied in accordance with the laws of Thailand. For the resolution of any dispute related to the use of this Site not otherwise provided for, the Thailand Court shall be the exclusive competent court for the first trial.


Privacy Policy

JMAC shall collect personal information of users of this Site through indirect methods. For example, when a user accesses this Site, the user’s IP address is stored as log information. JMAC shall also collect personal information through direct methods, such as where a user directly provides the information to JMAC.

JMAC shall use the personal information collected by the above methods only as internal data, and shall not disclose or provide the personal information of users to third parties.

To ensure users’ privacy, JMAC has taken measures to maintain security in the operation of the Site.

However, given the open nature of the Internet, we would like to ask users to be aware of the possibility that the user’s data may enter the network in the event the security measures are breached and a third party may access and use the data.