Supply Chain Management

Today’s Challenges

Cost of Logistics

Logistics is a management function to determine its cost from delivery speed and resource utilization. Logistics strategy and plan should be prepared based on a comprehensive view of market trend forecasts, business plan, and production and sales policies.

Distribution Difficulties

Distribution involves a broad range of function from material procurement and production to final sales. Distribution problems are consequently difficult to locate and define so the situation remains unchanged. To overcome the difficulty, comprehensive assessment is required.

Optimization of Logistics Conflict

Optimization among production, sales, purchasing, warehouse, and distribution is the key difficulty for a logistics effective design.  With analysis tools such as Industrial Engineering, Value and Cost Analysis, overall supply chain can be optimized.

Cost of Inventory and Warehouse

Stock is a sleeping money and sometimes stock value decrease with time. Costs of storage and quality loss is a conflict agenda among procurement, warehouse, production and sales functions. Planning for minimum stock level and maximum warehouse space utilization require virtual evaluation of total supply chain conditions.

Labor Productivity

When work and time standards for service and material handling are designed and strictly applied and actual labor performance are measured and managed, a dramatic labor productivity improvement can be attained.

 Main Consulting Areas

  1. Logistics Cost Reduction
  2. Inventory Stock Reduction
  3. Warehouse Design and Planning
  4. Labor Productivity Improvement
  5. Material Handling System Design
  6. Distribution Plan and Extended Delivery Point (EDP)
  7. Distribution Automation

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