Service Business & Operation

The challenge of the “Lean” approach with service business activities

Even companies in the “Service” business industry (banks, insurance corporations, …) in order to be more competitive and maximize value for customers over time face the need to solve the structural problems which hamper their operations: low productivity, inadequate service level, high cost of customer care and too much “waste”.

Much of what has now become known in the West under the word “Lean” has its roots in JMAC and in the activities done with Toyota and other Japanese companies. Over the years it has been possible to verify how these methodologies, born for manufacturing industries, in fact constitute a “managerial approach” that can be adopted and adapted with excellent results, even at the companies engaged in “service” business industries.

The real value of the approach we propose is to combine efficiency and customer satisfaction through the achievement of operational excellence. That can improve the level of service offered by “equal or less resources used”. This approach is based upon the principle of eliminating what has no-value (“waste”).


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