Sales Upgrade

How the Lean Management can be applied to the sales processes

Can the application of the Lean principles develop the business amd also upgrading the sales performance?

The experience gained so far lead us to state that the Lean Management in sales allows to generate and nurture both the value for customers and the economic value to the enterprise.

Our methodologies, which are rooted in the Japanese culture strongly oriented to quality and service, put the customer at the core of business activities. They allow you to:

  • Seek greater efficiency in business management as well as to give birth to new value by the go-to-market activities;
  • Align the company’s value proposition to the value sought / requested by the customer;
  • Encourage the understanding and consistent deployment of corporate strategies in the Sales Organization;
  • Adopt commercial management models able to build and enhance a Unique Selling Proposition in line with the strategic objectives;
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes (front end and back office) through the systematic approach and elimination of operations that generate waste or do not add value;
  • Uniformly transfer the value of the product / service to all players in the sales and distribution value stream;

Increase the accuracy in the management of the backlog by synchronizing the production plan with sales forecasts based on the market needs.


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