Sales & Marketing

Today’s Challenges

Availability of Market Information

Obtaining market information is more difficult by the rapid changing of customer’s preference. Therefore, product development and marketing concept determinations are usually based on speculative information. From our viewpoint, valid information is collected, analyzed, and interpreted then market strategy is proposed to maintain or create the business opportunities.

Sales Activity and Chanel  

With dynamic behavioral changes of customer and competitor, sales and marketing became a dynamic issues on which a business must timely review and recognized its marginal movement. Customer and market analyses is useful tools for effective sales activities and strategic increase in market share.

Customer’s Expectation

Good customer experience and repeated purchasing are seen as key elements for sales approach. Company can check the level of their customer satisfaction by evaluating whether their products or services has met or exceeded expectations. Then, the defined gap between expected and actual levels can be attained for the development of improvement action.

Dealer Effectiveness

Dealer is seller and/or service provider of your product or service. Effectiveness of dealer is essential for your sales enhancement. Dealership management system is therefore important, efficient of operation and information management can essentially built up the sales and create customer satisfaction.

Main Consulting Areas

  1. Market & Marketing Research
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Sales Upgrade
  4. Customer Satisfaction Improvement
  5. Dealer Management

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