R&D Innovation

Today’s Challenges

R&D Lead Time

Within markets where competition is very severe and product life cycle is compressed, new products must somehow be developed in a short period of time. Using such techniques as simultaneous multi-model development and applying categorized project management methods, development lead time is greatly reduced.

Dynamic Market Demands

Design effectiveness must be improved to satisfy the mutal needs of standardization and diversified market demands which often appear to be incompatible. Henshu Sekkei was developed by JMAC in response to these needs. By including in product drawings the concept of product structure as being fixed and having variation, the man-hour required for designed are greatly reduced.

Product Design for Cost Saving

Variety reduction program was developed for planed reduction of the cost of producing series of products. The number of parts is reduced and the resulting design of the most suitable total system causes significant reduction in production cost.

Main Consulting Areas

  1. R&D Roadmap Development
  2. R&D Project Management
  3. New Product Development
  4. Variety Reduction Program (VRP)
  5. Henshu Sekkei (Effective Graphic Management System)
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