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JMAC Approach

We are a Japanese born management consultancy firm and help our customers be more profitable over time, by acting on 3 levels:


We believe that, to be effective, every path of change must be oriented to the creation of value for the customer, and must act on the three levers simultaneously:

Organization:   it is the enabling factor for change
Process:   the “focus” of our intervention, processes do generate the company operating performances
People:   essential to make the change sustainable, long-lasting and “positive”

Our expertise and long experienced working with both medium-sized businesses and with large corporations allow us to go through all business processes, regardless of the type of business in which the company operates (manufacturing B2B, B2C, provision of services, …) or the operation model of (mass/ made-to-order productions, campaign based productions, etc).


Range of Our Activities 2

Lean Approach

It comes natural to us to adopt the principles and tools of the Lean Thinking in our consulting projects in all industries and all processes, drawing on the great wealth of expertise and experience gained in Thailand and Japan.

Our approach is valid and adaptive to any business, regardless of company size (from multinationals to SMEs). In time we have developed expertise in certain areas especially:

  • Mass production: businesses: automotive components, mechanics, electrical, electronics and electrical engineering, food and beverage, consumer goods, design and furniture, etc.
  • Process business: chemicals and pharmaceutics, metal working, glass working , etc.
  • Agricultural business: companies featured by seasonal/campaign productions: transformation of agriculture raw materials , etc.
  • Made-to-order productions: machine tools, oil & gas, plant engineering, constructions , etc.
  • Automotive: Car makers with distribution and customer care networks: dealer networks, franchising networks , etc.
  • Service providers: banks, insurance, TLC, software houses, tour operators, outsourcing service providers , etc.

Range of Our Activities 3

Service Procedure

The strength of JMAC’s consultation lies not only in its highly developed techniques and broad experience, but also in its belief that final recommendations for change be followed by successful implementation by the client with participation of JMAC professional staff.

Implementation and continuing follow-up services insure that realization of the anticipated results and have been greatly valued by clients.
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Phase 1 Initial Contact

Consultation begins when a meeting is held between representatives from a prospective client and JMAC staff members. Intensive discussions are held to:

•clarify the nature of the problem the client faces;
•grasp the scope of the needs of the clients;
•determine the study method, period of performance and personnel required.

This initial contact is very important because consultants to be sent are selected through the discussions. Deeper interviews or plant tours are sometimes necessary. Following the initial contact, a proposal is prepared and submitted for carrying our Pre-Analysis.

Phase 2 Pre-Analysis

The pre-analysis is performed mainly through interviews and data analysis which usually take several weeks for completion. A presentation based on the analysis is made and recommendations for problem solutions, innovations and practical approaches are described.

Phase 3 Implementation

This phase begins with the actual implementation of the recommendation for change and may be either partial or some thorough-going.

JMAC regards this phase as a vital part of its consulting activities. During the implementation period, consultants work together with and through personnel from within the client company. JMAC staff trains, give advice on effective preparation for change; deliver instruction for effective follow-up; coordinate the entire implementation; and supervise the project in general.

Interim reports and presentations are made during this period.

Phase 4 Follow-up.

Finally, follow-up service are offered to maintain newly developed systems and as a source of further advice.


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Range of Our Activities