Project based enterprise

Tailor-made products, low volumes and high variety of each model
Different needs require different solutions!

Project Based Enterprises show specific features that make them differ profoundly from mass production business companies. The “Traditional” Lean methods are not enough to cover all their possible problems and needs.
An informed Study of these features and success stories in Asia allow JMAC Thailand to propose a dedicated and original approach that helps companies to:
Create “tailored proposals” able to reach all target customers
Provide customers with highly customized products, keeping costs and efficiency under control and managing the variety and complexity arising thereof
Time management to grant for the level of ‘on time delivery’ as agreed… anywhere in the world
Create and / or maintain a competitive advantage over rival companies
Avoid discrepancies between the contract margins considered in the acquisition phase and those obtained during the close-out
• Increase the revenues from Service

Depending on the needs and priorities we help our customers creating and following a roadmap to change, end-to-end, the whole process, or work specifically and separately at each of the stages listed above. In order to do that we drive the implementation of specific methodologies such as:
Minamoto Sekkei 

• Management of complex sales
• Management system by synchronized process blocks (Setsuban Kanri ® in Japanese)
• The “Service Performance Boost” program


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