Today’s Challenges

Cost of Production
Adequate planning and preparatory arrangements are required for lean production. Strict concepts from Industrial Engineering (IE) are adopted to design and implement for the most efficient line of production and the highest utilization of resources.

Production Mixed and Lot Size
Within the diversified market demands, conventional mass production is being replaced by multi-product and small-lot productions. In response to market trend, effective mixed production management systems is widely applied on the basic production management.

Efficient Workflow
Line and labor organization design is a pre-determinant condition of work efficiency. Work methods can be another solution to improve work and labor productivity.

Labor Productivity
When work and time standards are designed and strictly applied and actual labor performance are routinely measured and managed, a dramatic labor productivity improvement can be attained.

Equipment Efficiency
Production results is highly dependent on the reliability and maintainability of equipment and machinery. When equipment management techniques promote to operational level, training and small group activities are necessary for adoption of operation improvements.

Defect Quality
Cost of low quality not only reduce the total profit, but also deteriorate product reliability from customer’s view point. Quality check point is a fundamental step to prevent the high cost of low quality. Defect issues elimination is the superior step to reduce the risk of poor quality cost. For a broader view point, total quality management is a comprehensive solution to enhance total quality from the material entry toward finished goods processing.

Main Consulting Areas
> Production Cost Reduction
> Total Productivity Management (TPm)
> Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
> Program for Equipment Improvement & Development (PEID) and Skill Kanri
> Total Quality Management (TQM)
> Performance Analysis and Control (PAC)
> Monodzukuri
> Automation Applications
> Workflow and Layout Redesign
> 5S and Safety

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