Process/Machine Maintenance management for Food Safety

Process/Machine Maintenance management for Food Safety

The Best way of Equipment Management to Avoid Food Contamination


Specific Approach to Eliminate the Risk Factor by Equipment Management


JMAC Thailand Seminar

Equipment management for food processing and manufacturing industry,  

based on Hygiene management, considering its risk factors


JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) is well known for workplace improvement especially in manufacturing industry over 30 years. Based on the 30 years’ experience. On the other hand, JMA Consultants (Thailand) is the first Japanese company for management consulting, which provides practical solutions for companies especially in manufacturing companies over 20 years in Thailand.

JMA Consultants will deliver tips and secrets of improving food safety through equipment management in food processing/manufacturing facilities.

■Date and Time:            December 8, 2017, 13:00 – 16:30

■Registration:               12:30-13:00

■Location:                     Grande Centre Point Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 2 and 3 on C Floor 

■Admission Fee:           Free of Charge

■Seminar for:                Managerial position, Plant Manager, Dept. Managers, and Hygiene responsible position at Food Processing/Manufacturing Company and Plant

■Language:                   JAPANESE/THAI(Interpret)


Total Participants:   We do not limit it, but if we got over than 60 people, we would like to limit the participants 3 people per company.


Hygiene control for “Food Safety” is the “MUST” action in every sector/every department in the food related industry.

Food Safety is very important and can affect existence of the company.

Majority of food products is processed or manufactured by Equipment. Equipment management and hygiene control level is mutually connected. In other words, if the equipment management level is high, the hygiene control level is also high.

Therefore, equipment management is the key issue for maintaining equipment reliability and stable production with high hygiene control level.

In this “Seminar for Food Processing and Manufacturing Industry”, JMAC Specialist shares the idea for:

  • Approach for effective equipment management with consideration of risk factors in hygiene control
  • Equipment maintenance item analysis
  • Equipment maintenance planning (maintenance detail and execution) 

by using actual case example.


This is necessary element for sustaining or improving food safety.

JMAC hopes your attendance for further improvement and sustainable of Food Safety.  



1. Importance and relationship of hygiene control and equipment management

Expense contributes to Quality

Risk Management

2. Equipment Management’s 7 Step deployment with risk factor consideration

Step 1:     Analysis subject

Step 2:      Functional breakdown and functional defect classification for analysis subject

Step 3:     Estimating functional defect cause

Step 4:     Clarifying and evaluating product hazard mode

Step 5:     Organizing inspection standard

Step 6:     Understanding right status and abnormal status

Step 7:     Creating “Quality Declaration” sheet

3. Key points for creating hygiene control system

4. Q & A

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8 DEC, 2017