Our Workstyle

The uniqueness of the approach of JMAC

We focus on the effectiveness of our interventions based on four key principles.

 1. Customization
We always consider the reality and the needs of customers, as well as the specific cultural and organizational business features.

2. Solid methodological content
Our consultants know how to apply and properly set the most innovative techniques and methodologies were developed by our colleagues in Japan.

3. Joint work with customer
We operate by integrating the expertise of our professionals with those of the client in teams engaged in analysis, design and implementation of interventions.

 4. Implementation of change
We partner with business enterprises, even in the most critical phases for the implementation of change and innovation. We act as a stimulus and operational support, through training, and “practice” joint operation with internal resources. We aim to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers, who see JMAC as a reliable and competent partner, able to take them through the managerial development of their company.


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JMAC Thailand seeks to continue making a contribution to Thailand and South-East Asia countries. We have a wide variety of clients in many industries and so your work will be interesting and challenging. You will use a variety of tools to translate customer requirements into improvement solutions.

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