Our Methodology


Since the ’50s our colleagues in Japan have contributed to the creation, development and dissemination of new methods and management systems, which over time have been copied and applied throughout the world. Many of the basic methods of modern management systems had JMAC and the JMA Group in the foreground in their original application and replication in thousands of companies worldwide. It is in our DNA to try new pathways and develop new applications, not only in Japan but also in Thailand. Sometimes we proceed by reinventing and adapting methodologies already in use with Japanese companies to a new context.
Much of the methods that are the cornerstone of the Lean approaches (such as SMED, 5S,…) were developed by our colleagues in collaboration with Toyota and other leading client corporations. Other methods, such as the TPM® (Total Productive Maintenance) are registered and promoted worldwide by one of our sister companies (JIPM), while other techniques (Visible Planning®, Setsuban Kanri®, …) in recent years have seen a strong growth in many countries, with several successful applications.

The TP Management (Total Productivity Management), which for more than 20 years has been representing method for many Japanese companies as the most effective method for guiding improvement activities, is increasingly used as a policy deployment system in combination with the Hoshin Kanri tools from the American business schools.

The KI (Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovation Plan), which is originally established by JMAC in 1992. Initially, KI focused on productivity improvement and organizational climate change by enhancing the mindset of R&D staffs. KI has been comprehensively adopted by Japanese leading companies such as Toyota and Cannon. R&D Technical Center of Toyota and Cannon named their KI as TKI and CKI, respectively. Nowadays, KI is not only adopted by R&D department, but also by indirect departments, Head office operation, and IT system integrator.

Finally, the VRP ®(Variety Reduction Program), developed by our founder Mr. Akira Koudate and Toshio Suzue, is considered one of the pillars of the modern design systems.


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