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JMA Consultants (Thailand) Co., Ltd., known as JMAC Thailand, helps companies in Thailand fundamentally solve issues, create a sustainable mechanism for establishing competitive advantage, foster corporate culture, and conduct habitual practicing toward their continual growth.

We respect the supremacy of the culture and people of Thailand and strive to provide locally based support to maximize it. Therefore, JMAC Thailand sends Thai consultants together with Japanese to individual clients so that the consultants can promote innovation in accordance with the actual circumstances of each client.

The history of JMAC’s activities in Thailand dated back to 1992. At the beginning, JMAC had a good cooperation with the Thai Management Association (TMA) for business establishment in Thailand.  Thanks to the trust of our clients, we were able to grow and expand our business extensively. So that we decided to establish JMAC Thailand, as a wholly owned subsidiary of JMAC, in 2008. By the end of 2013, 6 years from the establishment, JMAC Thailand had already supported more than 200 projects in 100 companies.

We have also been providing support in ASEAN countries including Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia by cooperating with JMA Consultants Inc. of Japan, JMAC Singapore, JMAC Europe, and JMAC Scandinavia.

We will continue to strive to contribute to the development and growth of the business community in Thailand and other ASEAN nations.


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Message from Japan Top Management

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