JMAC’s vocation for manufacturing

JMAC was born in Japan with the mission of improving the efficiency, quality and service of industrial companies. We know that working with a multinational or an SME is not the same: although the basic methodologies are applicable anywhere, the context is different, and applications require in-depth customization.

In all industrial sectors in which we have been operating, from mechanics to fashion or food our experience tells us that competitiveness is achieved and consolidated over time by acting not only on production but on all processes, starting with the development of new products and design.
From experience we learned that methodologies should focus on the needs of companies, and get customized. That’s why in some cases we have developed specific approaches for different types of business:

  • Mass production or repetitive production business companies
  • Small batches or customized product manufacturing business companies
  • Make to order business companies
  • Seasonal or “campaign” production based business companies

Similarly, so called “capital intensive” companies whose business is realized by transformation processes or by using expensive equipment, will primarily focus on effective maintenance systems (by applying the TPM, for instance).

Companies whose business is realized by assembly processes and with a wide use of manpower will more likely focus on industrial engineering, adopting traditional Lean techniques (One Piece Flow, Kanban, 5S, ..)
Finally, the correct answer to the “mischievous” question is: You do not have to copy Toyota, but to take inspiration and create your own of management “system”.

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