Lean Thinking

The application of the principles of TPS (Toyota Production System) to all business processes

It comes natural to us to adopt the principles and tools of Lean Thinking in our projects, to all industries and all processes. We draw on the great wealth of expertise and experience based on know-how developed in Japan, where our holding company has contributed to the development of methodologies as well as of the management model that Toyota has become famous in the world for.

Since the ’50s, when Shigeo Shingo created the first courses about Industrial Engineering at Toyota, JMAC has in fact helped to create and disseminate, in Japan and worldwide, most of the methodologies underlying the TPS (Toyota Production System).

We believe that Lean Production does not simply mean to apply a set of tools (Just in time, SMED, Kanban, Heijunka, Pull model, One Piece Flow …). We get the best results when making a real “cultural change”, which must be supported and promoted by top management (top down approach), but made with the involvement and support of operational resources (bottom up approach), according to the Japanese principle of KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement).


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