JMAC’s view about education and training 
Dōjō (Dō= Way; Jō=Place) means “the place where you practice the way”.

Dōjō is the place for meditation and training, in which monks and martial arts students practice the “rule”. It can be said as a “gym”, in this case where a method gets learned and experienced.

We are aware of the essential role of human resources in improvement and innovation processes and we believe that training brings “value” . In our view, training is not only theoretical learning or only practical learning.   Effective training is closely linked to the practical implementation of the lessons learned.

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Therefore, the training offered by JMAC aims to support the change program being undertaken by companies and is a main part of our operations management consulting. For this reason we have developed an original approach to training, made ​​up of unique solutions, highly interactive and completely based on the “LEARN BY DOING” concept.

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