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Fact oriented consulting

Firstly established in 1997 by Mr.Yoshiaki Makino as the TMA-JMAC Institute under the cooperation between Thai Management Association (TMA) and JMAC.

Fully established in 2008 as the first Japanese company for management consulting in Thailand and in South East Asia and is an integral part of the JMAC (Japan Management Association Consultants) group. It has an international network with more than 2,000 clients served across all continents, offering outstanding solutions and concrete actions. We are fact-oriented  company to ensure that customers achieve actual and lasting concrete results.
The management team and professionals of JMAC Thailand have a mission: to assist the managers of client companies in developing and implementing practical business strategies in relation to operational processes, technology and product innovation, sales and after sales service, in response to the needs of competitiveness and business development.

Our history

The establishment of JMAC Thailand is only one step in a journey begun in 1942 in Tokyo, with the constitution of JMA (Japan Management Association). It can be said that JMAC is one of the main players of the industrial success of Japan.

Since the postwar period JMAC has contributed to the development and implementation of methods that have made the Japanese management culture famous around the world. JMAC has also helped develop the TPS (Toyota Production System) which includes a few techniques universally known (e.g.: Just in Time, Lean Production, SMED, Visible Planning®, etc..).
Furthermore, JMAC has been developing some of the most regarded methods for the improvement and transformation of business processes (i.e.: supply chain, manufacturing, logistics) as well as for the design of new products.

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