JMA Value


Achievement Performance
Not being content to merely submit proposals, JMAC provides support until the new process or system is operational and the expected performance has been achieved or exceeded. JMAC submits well-developed proposals that lead to high performance in the short term – JMAC’s area of expertise.
JMAC continuously maintains and improves the ethics of the corporate individual, including confidentiality. JMAC believes that its long-standing relationships of trust with many companies are proof of its ethical stance.
JMAC assembles the optimum team according to the client’s issues and JMAC staff assists this team with accumulated internal information to address the issues.

Our consultants address a wide range of problems and issues over many industries. The accumulation of this experience serves as a source for application to new cases and a perception for business characteristics.

JMAC does not have any interest with specific institutions or interested parties within its clients. This stance means that JMAC is able to address issues purely from an objective standpoint.
The soul of a consultant is their technical strength in both theory and implementation of management reforms. JMAC consultants are required to maintain a high level of expertise and to research and develop new technologies.


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