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The Japan Management Association (JMA), nowadays the most relevant association of Japanese companies gathering more than 2,500 associates, was constituted in 1942 in Tokyo thanks to the initiative by the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry. JMAC’s mission was then and is now to encourage economic development and foster the management capabilities of manufacturing and service companies.

Over the years, JMA has given birth to several companies that specialize in different areas, so as to better support the growth of Japanese industrial structure. Today the JMA group actually promotes the development of companies with consulting, research, training and information support.

Employees with the JMA Group are about 1,800 people.

JMA: Japan Management Association

JIPM: Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

JIPMS > merged with JMAC in July 2013

JIIT : Japan Institute for information Technology

JSTC: Japan Society for Technical Communication

JMAS: Japan Management Association System Corporation

JMAR: Japan Management Association Research Institute

JMAM: Japan Management Association Management Centre

JMAC: Japan Management Association Consultant Inc


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