HR Management

Today’s Challenges

Staff Innovation Encouragement

Innovative ideas from operational staff is the one of the success bullet of today’s business environment, innovative staffs are alive asset of companies. Company with innovative staffs enjoy accumulating benefits from continuous advancement.

Manpower and Skill Plan

Sustainability and people advantage in competitive environment is one of the main issues encountered by local and multinational companies. Quantity and quality of human resource must be linked to business strategy.  Manpower and skill plan is critical to be structurally developed to sustain future competitiveness.

Organizational Climate

Characteristic set of organizational behavior illustrates effectiveness and business performance. Developing the right organizational climate that serve the corporate strategy and enhance the competitive strength are critical to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage.

Main Consulting Areas

  1. HR Development Plan
  2. Skill Map and Salary Table
  3. Skill Management System
  4. Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovation (KI)
  5. Organizational Climate Change

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