GENBA Management Conference & Award 2017

Japan Management Association (JMA) held the 2nd GENBA Management Conference & Award 2017 on 2nd June 2017 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre with 400 audiences. Theme of the conference is to present KAIZEN (Improvement) activity through process improvement as well as human resources development to enhance productivity, presented by 6 executives from 6 companies. The winner who received highest vote from audience is DENSO INTERNATIONAL ASIA CO.,LTD.


KAIZEN leaders from 6 companies, NEC Platform Thai Co.,Ltd., DAIKIN Industries (Thailand) Ltd., Siam Compress Industry Co.,Ltd.,DENSO International Asia Co.,Ltd., Nissan Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd., Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing Thailand, share their excellent experiences about how they eliminate muda, to increase Productivity, Quality, Safety and Cost-effectiveness.

Presenter GMCA 2017

The winner of GMCA Award Y2017 is Mr.Poramate Wisoongthanun from DENSO International Asia Co.,Ltd., received the air ticket reward from Mr.Masami Nakamura, the president of Japan Management Association, to join the MONOZUKURI CONFERENCE in Japan.

Winner GMCA 2017

More than 400 audiences from various industries participate the JMA GENBA Management Conference & Award 2017

Audience GMCA 2017

Date :

JUN 2ND, 2017