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A practical method for starting a  Lean process in offices

The Lean Thinking is an opportunity for  both industrial and service businesses to initiate a process of  (more or less gradual) change that can significantly affect the profit and loss statement of the company.

This path of change entails a management style focused on the development and involvement of people in decision-making , as well on listening and delegating.

In order to concretely experience the Lean Thinking  principles, the  LIUC Research and Education Business School,  JMAC Europe  - all specialized in consulting and solutions for the improvement of management skills and processes - have developed a training initiative named SERVICE FACTORY – A real office to learn from experience.

This initiative is the start of a development process of managerial skills and behavior of office staffs:

  • Based on the  Lean Management methodologies
  • Highly experiential training
  • Focused on increasing the value for customer, which gives rise to a better management of resources (technical, instrumental , economic, organizational, human)
  • Able to activate specific plans for improvement of processes.

We can deliver the workshops wherever your company is or invite you at our main workshop site in Italy.

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Service Factory in Italy

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Model Factory

Since March 2010 we have made available our "Model Factory": a physical place where you can learn the concepts of the Lean Production by designing and building a real assembly line.

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