Fact oriented consulting for “Lean Automotive”.

Can you apply the Lean concepts and tools to the sales, distribution, technical assistance processes while preserving the “value” for customers, improving the service level and reducing the costs of the dealer network?

A striking example is the Toyota Duotec service, developed and distributed in partnership with JMAC, where the TPS principles and techniques (Heijunka, SMED, Visual Management, …) apply to the management of technical assistance with amazing results for the customer (periodic service in less than an hour) and for the entire service network.

For years JMAC has been providing training and consulting intervention at major car manufacturers, with the involvement of the respective sales and service networks, and generally at different players operating with the automotive distribution. The distinctive features of our approach are as follows:

  • a strong specialization in the field, with proven professional skills developed through work on the automotive distribution networks. To this regard we would like to remind the past joint venture business established between JMAC and Ford Motor Company, a major car manufacturer worldwide. The joint venture business company named JMAC ADG (Automotive Distribution Group: a dedicated consulting firm specialized in the automotive business) had its offices in Amsterdam;
  • a high program delivery capability, with resource availability to deliver field programs to both national and international automotive networks

the ability to design and provide coaching and training programs structured in complex organizational environments , with the involvement of a large number of resources.


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